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About Munawar Zama

Munawar Zama is the CEO and founder of English House Academy. His journey from being a pharmacist to a world-renowned personality development trainer and motivational speaker is truly phenomenal. His journey is a ray of hope for the youth who are depressed, demotivated, and deviated, but wish to do wonders in their lives. His accomplishments and incessant research in the field of teaching, training, and transforming is a big source of inspiration for the aspirants who wish to unleash their potential and make their presence felt with their performance, progress and personalities.

He established the English House Academy with the sole intention to instill confidence, inculcate manners, nurture values, enhance communication skills, develop public speaking skills and impart quality education to the youth and other aspirants and importantly groom their personalities.

Munawar Zama with his passionate team members traveled 19 states across India and has trained over one lakh students, teachers, lecturers, professors, doctors, engineers, advocates, police officers, scholars, and many professional individuals at schools, colleges, universities, hotels, and auditoriums.



Having witnessed an amazing transformation in the participant’s US Embassy and British High Commission appreciated and acknowledged Munawar Zama’s teaching methodology and many renowned NGOs honored Munawar Zama with the following awards;

We conduct 40-Day Personality Development Workshops at schools, colleges, universities, hotels, and auditoriums and also deliver motivational lectures at corporate offices and at public gathering events across India. Experiencing the COVID19 and lockdown across India and in many countries, we are planning to start innovative, effective, and interactive online courses from 1 st September 2020. Interested individuals who would like to undergo the online training may visit the homepage and submit the online form. Our team members will call you to let you know about the duration of the courses, the contents of the course, pedagogy [Methodology], and the fee structure and help you through the admission process.

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